Volvo XC90 2015-2024 Owners Manual / Starting and driving / Starting the vehicle

Volvo XC90: Starting and driving / Starting the vehicle

The vehicle can be started using the start knob in the tunnel console when the remote key is in the passenger compartment.

Volvo XC90. Starting the vehicle

Start knob in the tunnel console.


Before starting:

  • Buckle your seat belt.
  • Adjust the seat, steering wheel and mirrors.
  • Make sure you can fully depress the brake pedal.

The remote key is not physically used to start the ignition because the vehicle is equipped with the keyless Passive Start system.

To start the vehicle:

  1. The remote key must be inside the vehicle. For vehicles with Passive Start, the key must be in the front section of the passenger compartment. With the optional keyless locking/unlocking function*, the key can be anywhere in the vehicle.
  2. Press and hold down the brake pedal1 as far as possible.
  3. Turn the start knob clockwise and release. The control will automatically return to the original position.


  • Never use more than one inlay mat at a time on the driver's floor. If any other type of floor mat is used, remove the original mat from the driver's seat floor before driving. All types of mats must be securely anchored in the attachment points in the floor. Make sure the floor mat does not impede the movement of the brake pedal or accelerator pedal in any way, as this could be a serious safety hazard.
  • Volvo's floor mats are specially manufactured for your vehicle. They must be properly secured in the attachment points in the floor to help ensure they cannot slide and become trapped under the pedals.

The starter motor will crank until the engine starts or until overheating protection is triggered.

Error messages

If the Vehicle key not found message is shown in the instrument panel at start, place the remote key at the backup reader and then make a new start attempt.

Volvo XC90. Starting the vehicle

Location of the backup reader in the tunnel console.


When the remote key is placed in the backup reader, make sure that no other vehicle keys, metal objects or electronic devices (e.g. cellular phones, tablets, laptops or chargers) are in the backup reader. Multiple vehicle keys close to each other in the backup reader can disrupt their functionality.


If the engine has not responded after 3 attempts – wait for 3 minutes before starting a new attempt. Starting capability increases if the starter battery is given time to recover.


Never remove the remote control key from the vehicle while driving or the vehicle is being towed.


  • Always remove the remote key from the passenger compartment when you leave the vehicle and make sure the ignition is in mode 0.
  • Always put the gear selector in P and apply the parking brake before leaving the vehicle. Never leave the vehicle unsupervised while the engine is running.
  • Always open the garage door fully and make sure that ventilation is very good before starting the engine in a garage. The exhaust fumes produced by the vehicle contain carbon monoxide, which is invisible and odorless but very toxic.


  • When starting in cold weather, the automatic transmission may shift up at slightly higher engine speeds than normal until the automatic transmission fluid reaches normal operating temperature.
  • Do not race a cold engine immediately after starting. This could prevent fluids from properly lubricating vital components in the engine before it has reached the proper operating temperature.
  • The engine should be idling when the gear selector is moved. Never accelerate until the gear is fully engaged. Accelerating rapidly before a gear is properly engaged could lead to harder wear of components.
  • To help prevent the transmission oil from overheating, select P or N when idling at a standstill for prolonged periods of time.


With a cold start, idling speed may be considerably higher than normal for certain engine types. This is done to get the emissions system up to normal operating temperature as quickly as possible, which minimizes exhaust emissions and protects the environment.

1 If the vehicle is moving, it is only necessary to turn the start knob clockwise to start the engine.

* Option/accessory.

    Starting and driving


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