Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Climate control / Air distribution

Volvo XC90: Climate control / Air distribution

The climate system distributes incoming air through a number of vents in the passenger compartment.

Automatic and manual air distribution

When the auto-climate feature is on, air distribution is regulated automatically. Air distribution can also be controlled manually.

Adjustable air vents

Certain air vents in the vehicle are adjustable, which means they can be opened/closed and the direction of the air flow from the vent can be adjusted.

Volvo XC90. Air distribution

Location of adjustable air vents in the passenger compartment.

Volvo XC90. Air distribution 2-zone system - four vents on the dashboard and one on each of the pillars between the front and rear doors.

Volvo XC90. Air distribution 4-zone system* - two additional vents on the rear side of the tunnel console.

Volvo XC90. Air distribution 4-zone system* and a third row of seats – one additional vent on each of the pillars behind the rear doors.

* Option/accessory.

    Passenger compartment air filter. Advanced Air Cleaner

    All air entering the passenger compartment through the climate control system intake is filtered. Replacing the passenger compartment filter To maintain the high performance of the climate control system, the filter must be replaced regularly...

    Adjusting air distribution

    Air distribution can be adjusted manually if needed. Tap the symbol in the center of the climate bar to open Climate view in the center display. Air distribution buttons in Climate view...

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