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Volvo XC90: Owner's information / Using the Owner's Manual

To get to know your new vehicle, read the Owner's Manual before driving it for the first time.

Reading your Owner's Manual is a way to familiarize yourself with new features and functions, get advice on how to handle your vehicle in different situations, and to learn how to take advantage of everything your Volvo has to offer. Pay particular attention to the safety warnings provided in the Owner's Manual.

The intention of this owner's information is to explain all of the possible features, functions, options and accessories included in a Volvo vehicle. It is not intended as an indication or guarantee that all of these features, functions and options are included in every vehicle. Some terminology used may not exactly match terminology used in sales, marketing and advertising materials.

Volvo continuously works to develop and improve our products. Modifications can mean that information, descriptions and illustrations in the Owner's Manual differ from the equipment in the vehicle. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

Do not remove this manual from the vehicle. If a problem should occur, you will not have the necessary information on where and how to get professional assistance.

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In addition to standard equipment, the Owner's Manual also describes options (factory-installed equipment) and certain accesso- ries (extra retrofitted equipment). All, at the time of publication known, options and accessories are marked with an asterisk: *.

The equipment described in the Owner's Manual is not available in all vehicles. Vehicles may be equipped differently depending on market requirements and national or local laws and regulations.

For more information on which equipment is standard and which is an option or accessory, please contact your Volvo retailer.


There are various types of decals affixed in the vehicle to communicate important information in a clear manner. The importance of these decals is explained as follows, in descending order of importance.

Risk of injury

Volvo XC90. Using the Owner's Manual

Black ISO symbols on a yellow warning field, white text/image on a black message field. Used to indicate potential danger. Ignoring a warning of this type could result in serious injury or death.

Risk of damage

Volvo XC90. Using the Owner's Manual

White ISO symbols and white text/image on a black or blue warning field and message field. Used to indicate potential danger. Ignoring a warning of this type could result in damage.


Volvo XC90. Using the Owner's Manual

White ISO symbols and white text/image on a black message field.


The decals shown in the Owner's Manual do not claim to be exact reproductions of those found in the vehicle. The purpose is to show approximately how they look and about where they are located. The information that applies for your vehicle in particular is found on the decal on the vehicle.

Illustrations, images and video clips

Illustrations, images and video clips used in the Owner's Manual are sometimes generic and are intended to provide an overview or an example of a certain function or feature. They may vary depending on equipment level and market and may differ from the appearance of your vehicle.

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      Adjusting loading mode

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