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Volvo XC90: Owner's information / The Owner's Manual and the environment

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Volvo XC90. The Owner's Manual and the environment

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    Using the Owner's Manual

    To get to know your new vehicle, read the Owner's Manual before driving it for the first time. Reading your Owner's Manual is a way to familiarize yourself with new features and functions, get advice on how to handle your vehicle in different situations, and to learn how to take advantage of everything your Volvo has to offer...

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    Factors affecting the Internet connection. The amount of data transmitted depends on the services or apps currently in use in the vehicle. Streaming music, for example, involves the transmission of a large amount of data, and this requires a good connection and a strong signal. Phone to vehicle Internet connection speed may vary depending on the location of the cellular phone in the vehicle. M..

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    To improve visibility to the rear, the door mirrors need to be adjusted to the driver's height and seating position. There are several automatic settings that can also be connected to the memory function buttons for the power seat*. Controls used for door mirrors Door mirror controls. The joystick in the drivers' door control panel is used to adjust the position of the door mirrors. The igniti..

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