Volvo XC90 2015-2021 Owners Manual / Key, locks and alarm / Electronic immobilizer

Volvo XC90: Key, locks and alarm / Electronic immobilizer

The electronic immobilizer is a start inhibitor that helps prevent the vehicle from being started by an unauthorized person.

The vehicle can only be started with the right remote key.

The following instrument panel error messages are related to the electronic immobilizer:

Volvo XC90. Electronic immobilizer

Remote immobilizer with tracking system

(Only certain markets and in combination with Volvo On Call.)

The vehicle is equipped with a system that makes it possible to track and locate the vehicle and to remotely activate the immobilizer to prevent the vehicle from being started. Contact your nearest Volvo retailer for more information and assistance activating the system.

The following instrument panel error messages are related to the remote immobilizer with tracking system:

Volvo XC90. Electronic immobilizer

    Locking and unlocking with detachable key blade

    The detachable key blade can be used to unlock the vehicle from the outside, e.g. if the battery in the remote key is discharged. Unlocking Pull the front left-hand door handle to its end position to access the lock cylinder...

    Start and lock system type designations

    The following information contains type designations for the start and lock system. Alarm system USA FCC ID: MAYDA 5823(3) This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules...

    Other information:

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    (Only applies to certain markets. Contact a Volvo retailer for more information.) A Bluetooth-connected cellular phone's text messages can be handled in the vehicle. Text message functionality needs to be activated in certain phones. Not all phones are fully compatible and therefore cannot display contacts and messages in the vehicle...

    Volvo XC90 2015-2021 Owners Manual: City Safety messages

    A number of messages related to City Safety may be displayed in the instrument panel. Several examples are provided below. A An authorized Volvo workshop is recommended. A text message can be erased by briefly pressing the button in the center of the rightside steering wheel keypad...


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