Volvo XC90 2015-2024 Owners Manual / Loading, storage and passenger compartment / Installing and removing the cargo net

Volvo XC90: Loading, storage and passenger compartment / Installing and removing the cargo net


The cargo net helps prevent objects in the cargo compartment from entering the passenger compartment in the event of a sudden stop or hard braking.

The cargo net is attached at four points.

Volvo XC90. Installing and removing the cargo net

For safety reasons, the cargo net must always be mounted and secured according to the following description.

The net is made of strong nylon weave and can be attached in two different locations in the vehicle:

  • Rear mounting - behind the second row of seats.
  • Front mounting - behind the front seats.


Objects in the cargo compartment must always be securely anchored, even with a correctly installed cargo net.

Installing the cargo net


All of the cargo net's upper consoles, hooks and straps must be securely mounted and attached before the net is used.

Never use the net if it is damaged.


With front mounting, the cargo net is most easily installed via a rear door.

  1. Fold out the cargo net and make sure that the upper rod folds out and locks into position.
  2. Insert one of the net's hooks into the front or rear ceiling mounting point with the strap lock facing you.
  3. Insert the net's other upper hook into the ceiling mounting point on the opposite side.

    The telescopic spring-loaded hooks make mounting easier.

    Make sure that the net's hooks are pushed forward as far as possible into their respective mounting points.

  4. Volvo XC90. Installing and removing the cargo net

    Rear mounting.

    For rear mounting:

    With the cargo net hooked into the rear ceiling mounting points, attach the net's straps into the front cargo anchoring eyelets in the cargo compartment.

    Volvo XC90. Installing and removing the cargo net

    Front mounting.

    For front mounting:

    With the cargo net mounted in the front ceiling mounting points, hook the straps into the outer eyelets on the front seat rails behind the seats. Attaching the net is easier if the seat backrests are upright and the seats are moved slightly forward.

    Move the seat or backrest only until it touches the net. Moving it with too much force or applying too much pressure to the net could lead to damage.


    If a seat or backrest is pressed with too much force back against the cargo net, the net and its ceiling brackets could be damaged.

  5. Pull the straps until the cargo net is taut.

Removing the cargo net

The cargo net can be easily removed and folded up.

  1. Loosen the cargo net by pressing the button on the strap locks on each side and pulling to allow some slack.
  2. Press in the catches and release both of the strap hooks.
  3. Unhook the upper hooks and remove the net from the ceiling mounting points.
  4. Press the red button on the rod so that it can be folded. Fold and roll up the net. Store the net in its case.

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