Volvo XC90 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Loading, storage and passenger compartment / Installing and removing the steel cargo grid

Volvo XC90: Loading, storage and passenger compartment / Installing and removing the steel cargo grid


The steel cargo grid prevents loads or pets in the cargo compartment from being thrown forward into the passenger compartment during hard braking.

Volvo XC90. Installing and removing the steel cargo grid

For safety reasons, the steel grid must always be installed and secured correctly.


Under no circumstances may a person be in the cargo compartment when the vehicle is moving. Heavy braking or a collision could lead to serious injury.

The steel grid consists of the grid itself and two separate mounting brackets. Each of the mounting brackets has a screw cover and two plastic sleeves for the grid.


The steel cargo grid may only be used in the rear position described here. The ceiling attachment points behind the front seats are not intended to anchor the steel grid.


For safety reasons, the third-row seats1 must be folded down when the steel cargo grid is mounted in the vehicle.


The steel cargo grid and the cargo compartment cover cannot be mounted at the same time.


  1. Fold down the rear seats and lift in the steel grid through one of the rear doors or the tailgate. The curved (convex) side of the grid should face toward the cargo compartment and the hooks on each side of the grid should face upward. The mounting brackets and plastic sleeves are not needed in this step.
  2. Volvo XC90. Installing and removing the steel cargo grid

    Press one of the grid's hooks into the larger hole in the ceiling attachment point (1).

    Grasp the grid near the hook and pull/push it into the smaller hole (2).

    • The hook is now secured in the attachment point.
  3. Repeat step 2 above to secure the other hook in the attachment point on the opposite side.


    Make sure the cargo grid's hooks are securely attached in the ceiling attachment points to help ensure the grid does not come loose.

  4. Volvo XC90. Installing and removing the steel cargo grid

    Attach the mounting bracket's hook through the cargo anchoring eyelet near the floor of the cargo compartment and insert the threaded section of the bracket through the grid's lower attachment hole (1).

    Slide the plastic sleeve onto the threaded section of the mounting bracket with the sleeve's flange turned upward and press it down through the hole. Screw the screw cover into place until its underside is approximately 5 mm from the grid (2).

  5. Repeat step 4 for the opposite side.
  6. Center the grid and then tighten both mounting brackets, moving back and forth between them until the grid is securely in place.

Removing the cover

Remove the steel grid by performing the above steps in reverse order.

It can be a good idea to remove the mounting brackets before removing the plastic sleeves from the holes in the grid.

1 7-seat models only.

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