Volvo XC90 2015-2023 Owners Manual / Maintenance and service / Removing the rectangular headlight cover

Volvo XC90: Maintenance and service / Removing the rectangular headlight cover

Most of the bulbs in the headlight housing can be accessed when the rectangular cover is removed.

Before the rectangular cover can be removed, the plastic covering over the headlight must be removed.

Volvo XC90. Removing the rectangular headlight cover

Left headlight.

  1. Undo the four screws of the cover using a Torx tool, dimension T20 (1). Do not undo these completely; 3–4 turns is enough.

Volvo XC90. Removing the rectangular headlight cover Push the cover to the side.

  1. Remove the cover.

Put the cover back in place in the reverse order.

    Removing the plastic cover to replace bulbs

    The headlight bulbs can be replaced without the assistance of a workshop, but before a bulb can be replaced, the plastic cover over the headlight needs to be removed...

    Location of exterior lights

    The vehicle's exterior lighting consists of several different bulbs. LED1 bulbs must be replaced by a workshop. An authorized Volvo workshop is recommended...

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      Leveling control settings


      Turn off leveling control before lifting the vehicle with a jack to help avoid problems with the pneumatic suspension.

      The vehicle can be lowered or raised to make it easier to load or for passengers to get in and out.

      Adjusting loading mode

      Volvo XC90. Leveling control settings

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