Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Driver support / Setting a warning distance for City Safety

Volvo XC90: Driver support / Setting a warning distance for City Safety

City Safety1 is always active, but the function's warning distance can be adjusted.


The City Safety function cannot be deactivated. It is activated automatically each time the engine/electric motor is started.

The alert distance determines the sensitivity of the system and regulates the distance at which the light, sound and brake pulsations will be activated.

To select warning distance:

  1. Select Settings Volvo XC90. Setting a warning distance for City Safety My Car Volvo XC90. Setting a warning distance for City Safety IntelliSafe in the center display's Top view.
  2. Under City Safety Warning, tap Late, Normal or Early to set the desired warning distance.

If the driver feels that the Early setting is giving too many warnings or finds them irritating, the Normal or Late warning distance settings can be selected instead.

If the driver feels that the warnings are too frequent and distracting, the warning distance can be reduced. This will reduce the total number of warnings, but it will also result in City Safety providing warnings at a later stage.

The Late warning distance setting should therefore only be used in exceptional cases, such as when a more dynamic driving style is preferred.


  • No automatic system can guarantee 100% correct function in all situations. You should therefore never test use of City Safety in the direction of people, animals or vehicles – this could lead to severe damage, serious personal injury or even death.
  • City Safety warns the driver if there is a risk of collision, but the function cannot reduce the driver's reaction time.
  • Even if the warning distance has been set to Early, warnings may be perceived as late in certain situations – e.g. when there are large speed differences or if the vehicle ahead suddenly brakes heavily.
  • With the warning distance set to Early, warnings come further in advance. This may cause the warnings to come more frequently than with warning distance Normal, but is recommended since it can make City Safety more effective.

1 This function is not available on all markets.

    City Safety sub-functions

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    Detecting obstacles with City Safety

    City Safety1 can help the driver detect other vehicles, cyclists, large animals and pedestrians. Vehicles City Safety can detect most vehicles that are stationary or are moving in the same direction as your vehicle...

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