Volvo XC90 2015-2024 Owners Manual / Climate control / Air quality

Volvo XC90: Climate control / Air quality


The materials used in the passenger compartment and air filtering system have been selected to ensure a high level of air quality in the passenger compartment.

Materials used in the passenger compartment

The materials in the passenger compartment are designed to be pleasant and comfortable, even for people with asthma or allergies.

The materials have been developed and tested to reduce dust in the passenger compartment and make it easier to keep clean.

The mats in both the passenger compartment and cargo compartment can be easily removed for cleaning.

Use Volvo-recommended cleaning agents and car care products to clean the interior.

Air filtering systems

In addition to the passenger compartment air filter, the vehicle is also equipped with other air cleaning systems that help you maintain high air quality in the passenger compartment.

    Climate control system voice commands

    (Certain markets only) Voice commands can be used for the climate control system to e.g. change temperature, activate seat heating* or change blower speed...


    (Option/accessory) The CleanZone function monitors the conditions affecting good air quality in the passenger compartment and indicates whether they are fulfilled or not...

    Other information:

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