Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Safety / Booster cushions

Volvo XC90: Safety / Booster cushions

Suitable child restraints should always be used when children (depending on their age/size) are seated in the vehicle.

Securing a booster cushion

Volvo XC90. Booster cushions

Position the child correctly on the booster cushion.

Booster cushions are recommended for children who have outgrown convertible seats.

  1. Place the booster cushion in the rear seat of the vehicle.
  2. With the child properly seated on the booster cushion, attach the seat belt to or around the cushion according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Fasten the seat belt by inserting the latch plate into the buckle (lock) until a distinct click is audible.

    Volvo XC90. Booster cushions

    Positioning the seat belt.

  4. Ensure that the seat belt is pulled taut and fits snugly around the child.


    • The hip section of the three-point seat belt must fit snugly across the child's hips, not across the stomach.
    • The shoulder section of the three-point seat belt should be positioned across the chest and shoulder.
    • The shoulder belt must never be placed behind the child's back or under the arm.

    Convertible seats

    Suitable child restraints should always be used when children (depending on their age/size) are seated in the vehicle. Securing a convertible seat with a seat belt Do not place the convertible seat in the front passenger's seat...

    Top tether anchors

    Your Volvo is equipped with child restraint top tether anchors for all seating positions in the second row of seats. In vehicles with six seats, there is a child restraint top tether anchor on the right-side seat in the third row of seats...

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      Remote key

      The remote key is used to lock and unlock doors, the tailgate and the fuel filler door. The remote key must be in the vehicle in order to start the engine.

      Volvo XC90. Remote key

      Remote key1, Care Key and button-less key (Key Tag)*.

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