Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Displays and voice control / Resetting user data when the vehicle changes owners. Resetting center display settings

Volvo XC90: Displays and voice control / Resetting user data when the vehicle changes owners. Resetting center display settings

Resetting user data when the vehicle changes owners

If the vehicle changes owners, all user data and system settings should be reset to factory defaults.

Vehicle settings can be reset at different levels. Reset all user data and system settings to their original factory defaults when the vehicle changes owner. It is also important to change the owner of the Volvo On Call service.

Resetting center display settings

All settings made in the center display's Settings menu can be reset to default values.

Two types of reset

There are two types of reset in the Settings menu:

  • Factory Reset- erases all data and files and resets all settings to factory default.
  • Reset Personal Settings- erases personal data and resets personalized settings to factory default.

Resetting settings

Follow these instructions to reset the settings.


Factory Reset is only possible when the vehicle is stationary.

  1. Tap Settings in the center display's Top view.
  2. Proceed to System Volvo XC90. settings Factory Reset.
  3. Select the type of reset you would like to do.
    • A pop-up window will appear.
  4. Tap OK to confirm the reset.

    For Reset Personal Settings, confirm the reset by tapping Reset for the active profile or Reset for all profiles.

    • The selected settings will be reset.

    Opening contextual setting in the center display

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    Table of settings in the center display

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      Detachable towbar


      Volvo recommends the use of Volvo towbars that are specially designed for the vehicle.


      The optional detachable trailer hitch may not be available in all markets or on all models. Consult your Volvo retailer.

      Volvo XC90. Detachable towbar

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