Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Displays and voice control

Volvo XC90: Displays and voice control

Folding down the integrated booster cushion

Option/accessory. When the integrated booster cushion in the rear seat is not in use, it should be stowed (folded down). Pull the handle forward to release the booster cushion...

Displays and controls by the driver in a left-hand drive vehicle

The overviews show the location of the vehicle's displays and controls. Steering wheel and dashboard Parking lights, daytime running lights, low beams, high beams, turn signals, front fog lights/cornering illumination * , rear fog light, trip computer reset Steering wheel paddles for manual shifting * Head-up display * Instrument panel Wipers and washers, rain sensor * Right-side steeri..

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Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual: Refueling

The fuel tank is equipped with a fuel filling system without a cover. Refueling the vehicle at a service station It is important to insert the pump's nozzle past both of the two flaps in the fuel filler pipe before beginning fueling. Instructions for fueling: Turn off the engine and open the fuel filler door. Select a fuel approved for use in the vehicle. For more information on approved fu..

Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual: Checking and filling engine oil

The engine oil level is monitored by an electronic oil level sensor. Viewing oil level in the center display Example of the oil level graphic in the center display The oil level can be viewed using the electronic oil level gauge in the center display once the vehicle has been started. The oil level should be checked regularly. Open the Car Status app from App view in the center display. Tap S..


    Leveling control settings


    Turn off leveling control before lifting the vehicle with a jack to help avoid problems with the pneumatic suspension.

    The vehicle can be lowered or raised to make it easier to load or for passengers to get in and out.

    Adjusting loading mode

    Volvo XC90. Leveling control settings

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