Volvo XC90 2015-2021 Owners Manual / Displays and voice control / Function view in the center display

Volvo XC90: Displays and voice control / Function view in the center display

Function view, which is one of the center display's basic views, contains all of the vehicle's function buttons. From the Home view, navigate to Function view by swiping from left to right over the screen1.

Different types of buttons

There are three different types of buttons for vehicle functions; see below:

Volvo XC90. Function view in the center display

Button modes

Volvo XC90. Function view in the center display

When a function or parking button's LED indicator is green, the function is activated (on). For some functions, an additional text explaining the function will be shown when the function is initially activated. The text will be displayed for a few seconds and then the button will be displayed with the LED indicator illuminated.

For Lane Keeping Aid, for example, the text Works only at certain speeds will be displayed when the button is pressed.

Press the button once briefly to activate or deactivate the function.

Volvo XC90. Function view in the center display

The function is deactivated when the LED indicator light is switched off.

Volvo XC90. Function view in the center display

A warning triangle in the right-hand section of the button indicates that something is not working correctly.

1 Applies for left-hand drive vehicles. For right-hand drive vehicles, swipe in the other direction.

    Handling tiles in the center display

    Home view consists of four tiles: Navigation, Media, Phone and a fourth tile. These views can be expanded. Expanding a tile from standard mode Standard mode and expanded mode of a tile in the center display...

    Moving apps and buttons in the center display

    The apps and buttons for vehicle functions can be moved and organized in the App and Function views. Swipe from right to left1 to access App view or swipe from left to right1 to access Function view...

    Other information:

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      Detachable towbar


      Volvo recommends the use of Volvo towbars that are specially designed for the vehicle.


      The optional detachable trailer hitch may not be available in all markets or on all models. Consult your Volvo retailer.

      Volvo XC90. Detachable towbar

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