Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Displays and voice control / Activating and deactivating the center display

Volvo XC90: Displays and voice control / Activating and deactivating the center display

The center display can be temporarily switched off and reactivated using the home button under the screen.

Volvo XC90. Activating and deactivating the center display

Center display's home button.

When the home button is used, the screen will go dark and the touchscreen no longer reacts to touch. The climate bar will remain visible. All functions connected to the screen continue to operate, such as climate, audio, guiding* and apps. The center display screen can be cleaned when the display is dimmed. The dimming function can also be used to darken the screen so it is not a distraction while driving.

  1. Press and hold the button beneath the screen.
    • The screen will go dark (the climate bar will remain visible). All functions connected to the screen continue to operate.
  2. To reactivate the screen, briefly press the Home button.
    • The view that was displayed before the screen was turned off will be displayed again.


The screen cannot be turned off when a prompt to perform an action is being displayed on the screen.


The center display is turned off automatically when the engine is off and the driver's door is opened.

* Option/accessory.

    Handling the center display

    Returning to Home view from another view Briefly press the home button below the center display. The most recent Home view mode will be displayed...

    Navigating in the center display's views

    There are five different basic views in the center display: Home view, Top view, Climate view, App view and Function view. The screen is automatically activated when the driver's door is opened...

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