Volvo XC90 2015-2022 Owners Manual / Audio, media and internet / HD Radio™

Volvo XC90: Audio, media and internet / HD Radio™

HD Radio is a brand name registered by the DTS, Inc.1. They are the developer of a broadcasting technology called IBOC or In Band On Channel, which refers to the method of transmitting a digital radio broadcast signal centered on the same frequency as the AM or FM station's present frequency.


Volvo XC90. HD Radio™

Display when the radio is receiving an HD Radio broadcast (generic illustration)


HD Radio volume may fade in and out at times due to coverage limitations.

The IBOC system is referred to as a "hybrid" since it is both analog and digital. During hybrid operation, receivers still continue to receive the analog (non-digital) signal. HD Radio receivers incorporate both modes of reception, where the receiver will automatically switch to the analog signal if the digital signal cannot be decoded or is lost by the receiver.

When you have tuned to an HD Radio station, the Volvo XC90. HD Radio™ symbol will appear in the infotainment system display. The symbol will be displayed in different colors:

  • Grayed-out symbol: no HD Radio broadcast reception
  • White symbol: the radio is actively receiving an HD broadcast
  • Orange symbol: the radio is receiving an HD broadcast with digital sound

More information about HD Radio and IBOC can be found on DTS, Inc.'s website,

Artist Experience™

A radio station's logo and album art can be displayed. If a station opts to provide this information, it is broadcast once every 12 minutes, which means that there may be a delay before the logo/album art appear on the screen. The radio can store 100 station logos so the next time the radio is tuned to the same station, the logo will be displayed immediately. Album art is synched with the artist that you are currently listening to.

Ball game mode

This feature means that a main FM station (HD1) will broadcast live events, where the content of the programming is more important than sound quality, in analog mode only to help prevent the delay between analog and digital broadcasting. The HD Radio symbol will be white during live broadcasts and "Live" will be displayed next to the symbol.

Benefits of digital broadcasting

  • Better sound (FM sounds near CD quality).
  • Some FM frequencies offer a greater number of listening choices through multicasting (consisting of a frequency's main channel and any sub-channels that may also be available on that particular frequency.)
  • When receiving a digital signal there is no multipath disturbance or hisses/pops/ crackling due to outside influences.

How HD Radio ™ Technology broadcasting works

HD Radio works similarly to conventional radio and broadcasts of this type are available in many areas of the United States. However, there are a few key differences:

  • Instead of transmitting one analog signal, stations send out a bundled signal – both analog and digital.
  • An HD Radio receiver can receive both digital and analog broadcasts. Depending on the terrain and location of the vehicle (which will influence the signal strength), the receiver will determine which signal to receive.

1 HD Radio™ technology is manufactured under license from DTS, Inc. U.S. and Foreign Patents. HD Radio™ and the HD and HD Radio logos are proprietary trademarks of DTS, Inc.


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    Activating and deactivating the HD Radio™

    HD Radio is deactivated when the car leaves the factory. When listening to an HD Radio station and driving through areas with weak HD signals (fringe areas), you may experience that the radio repeatedly switches between analog/digital and digital/analog reception...

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